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Business Philosophy

Business Philosophy
business philosophy

Business Philosophy

Happy Farmer adheres to the principles of "Fresh", "Quick" and "Healthy" Based on Hong Kong's direct sales and tailor-made processing, it brings affordable and competitive wholesale prices of ingredients to restaurants of all sizes

brand introduction

Brand Introduction

Happy Farmer is a vegetable processing and distribution brand under Yonghe. With the scale of focusing on the construction and operation of agricultural products for many years in Guangdong Province, the company has a certain strength in South China, and its product sales network covers South China, Hong Kong and Macao; , processing, cold chain, logistics and distribution as the core industrial cluster business. In 2015, in order to further strengthen the sales network, the Hong Kong branch was officially established. In addition to the one-stop vegetable wholesale service of production, processing and distribution, it also set up online stores for multiple brands on large sales platforms.

One of our base farms for supplying vegetables to HongKong-Zhaoqing Quanfa Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. is a new type of agricultural development enterprise contracted and introduced by Huaiji County. It has been providing stable and high-quality services for supplying vegetables to Hong Kong for many years.

Happy Farmer adheres to the principles of “fresh”, “healthy” and “fast”. All production processes comply with the ISO22000:2018 certified food safety management system. Based on direct sales in Hong Kong and tailor-made processing, it brings benefits to restaurants of all sizes , Competitive wholesale prices of ingredients, and fast and secure delivery services.
Happy Farmer understands the concerns of today’s SME restaurants: rising prices, shortage of manpower, and high costs… To help customers save labor costs, we can process and cut vegetables with machines and hands according to customer needs. , fresh and fast delivery to all Hong Kong (including: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories) every day. In addition, the processing process strictly abides by food safety management regulations, so that diners can enjoy fresh ingredients with peace of mind.

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